“Remakes” or “Reboots”: What are they? What influence do they have in cinema?

A “reboot” in cinema, as their own name says, is re-making movies again that have already been released. I mean, a new version of a movie that was made before.

–For example, “Ghostbusters” was released in 1984, but, in 2016 a new version with the same title was released. Same happened with “IT” (1990*2017) or “Charlie and the chocolate factory” (1971*2005).–

On the other hand, “remakes” are movies based on a previous movie, trying to be as faithful to the original as possible. Both terms are very similar and can cause confusion, but honestly, they are the same.


Well, it seems that today’s directors and studios put originality aside and decided to live off legends of the past. And I say this because we live in the peak of the “reboot” and the “remake”.                                                                                           While there are some of them that are created to take advantage of current technology and create a new version of the released one, others cause us to feel sorry for the original film by seeing how they destroy our memories.

And, unfortunately, there are more bad reboots than good ones, having the clear example of “Ghostbusters”, but others that even surpassed its original version, see the case of “Law value”.

What I want to get to is that, in a film industry where we have already seen everything and it is very difficult to create something fresh, please, stop doing so many “remakes” and “reboots”. I would do them when you really want to improve on the original, not just for the mere fact of thinking: “This movie was a success, let’s do it again because a new version will be too.” This is not how the cinema should work.


Cinema is there to bring us innovative products and new stories that catch the audience, but not to see the same story again with small changes. This new concept of filmmaking has brought disasters like “Fantastic Four” (2015) but also hits like “IT” (2017).

–Do not confuse this concept with animation adaptations to “live action”, since that is a quite different theme which I support on many occasions.

In conclusion, these new concepts that the present in the cinema offers us can be a double-edged sword. If you know how to use it well, you can bring a new quality version with that story, however, the shot can backfire if it is a rehash of what has already been seen before.

And you? What do you think about “remakes” and “reboots” Leave your opinion in the comments box!

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